(Updated 02/17/21)

Phase 2 of the Massachusetts COVID Vaccination program began 02/01/21 with the vaccination of 75+ year-olds.  As of 02/18/21, 65+ year-olds and individuals with 2 or more comorbidities are also eligible for vaccination.  Additionally, if you are going to accompany a 75+ year-old to a mass vaccination site (there are currently four of these, including the Eastfield ma​ll in Springfield), then you can schedule an appointment for yourself at the same location regardless of your own eligibility.  

Registration for Phase 2 appointments has so far been highly competitive, but is becoming easier with each coming day as more vaccination centers open up and more sophisticated appointment-finding tools are released.  This list is a work in progress and will be updated regularly. 


-If you live in Northampton-area Hampshire county and want to be vaccinated at the Northampton Senior Center, visit this website to see the available clinics. 

-If you want to be vaccinated through a local hospital, you can check Baystate Health Holyoke and Mercy Medical Center Springfield.  If you are a patient of Mass General Brigham (e.g. of Cooley Dickinson), make sure you have an active patient gateway, through which MGB will be reaching out to eligible patients individually.  

-On February 12 the state released their own vaxfinder tool, which includes a zip code search feature.  Although less comprehensive, we have found this independently developed macovidvaccines tool to be the most convenient way to locate an available appointment at select vaccination centers.  Among other vaccination sites, Franklin County residents can look out for clinics at the Greenfield Senior Center and Tree House brewing in South Deerfield, and Eastern Hampshire County residents can look out for clinics at Amherst Regional High School.  

-If you want to be vaccinated through a local pharmacy, Big YStop & Shop, and CVS are offering a host of clinics throughout Western Massachusetts.  Scheduling through these avenues is apparently less user friendly than alternatives.  

-If you know someone 75+ that needs to be vaccinated and either struggles with computers or does not have internet access, please direct them to call 211 and select option 2, where they will be connected to someone who will assist them with scheduling an appointment for vaccination.  Alternatively, call your local Department of Public Health's (DPH) dedicated COVID line.  They will return your call within 2 business days to help you schedule an appointment for vaccination.  For Northampton area: 413-587-1219.  For Amherst area: 413-259-2425.  For Easthampton: 413-529-1400 ext 430.  To get help finding transportation to a vaccination clinic, call your local Council on Aging.  

If you are having trouble with the above suggestions.....

-Use the MA COVID vaccine zip code search and map or the MA Immunization tool to locate a vaccination center near you with available appointments. 

-The CDC will recommend using their vaccine finder tool as more vaccine becomes available, but as of February 16 this tool does not yet interface with COVID vaccination clinics.  


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